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The Xanadu of Xenophobia

Map of Gold Base
Click to hear "gold tone" noise
Click for "Gold Tone"
Golden Era Productions, or "Gold Base/Int Base" in Scientology slang, is the global HQ of the Church of Scientology, Intl. Any directions disseminated to the entire church come from this Hemet, CA complex. They will do anything to prevent protests there. That's because Scientology allows no internal dissent and cultists who are at Gold during protests can be de-brainwashed when they hear protesters or see signs. 

Protesters have been subjected to violent guards, spraying sprinklers, dangerous traffic,  a bulldozer of manure. Even ultra-loud noises in surround sound.  You can hear this "Gold Tone" by clicking on the golden musical note at right. Make sure your speakers are turned down. For a detailed map of the Base click here.  This base is the cult's global communications nexus where leader David Miscavige can view any auditing session at major Scientology locations via plush offices at the RTC Building.  Even the local area's phone switching system is on their property. Makes eavesdropping on local politicians so easy! The cult also has owned a large number of radio licenses at this location.  Cult leader David Miscavige lives here according to voting records but he is rarely around and has not even voted in most elections, including presidential ones.

For a look at Gold Base in Scientology's own words watch this video.  Int Base is the hub where all videos, films and printed matter are created.  With over 100 buildings, 22 editing stations, audio facilities, film preservation labs and translators this place has it all.  Even an on-base dentist!  That way cultists don't have to leave to get dental care and escape or be de-brainwashed. Originally a spa called Gilman Hot Springs it was purchased by L. Ron Hubbard in 1978.  He got the land cheap because it is on an earthquake fault line, is in a flood plain and has a high danger of rockslides.   During an earthquake there is a high risk of liquefaction.  The land in the flood zone would turn to slush and everything near the castle would just sink into the ground. Worse, sewage pits have leaked into the groundwater supply and contaminated it with fecal coliform bacteria.

Currently it is on lockdown 24 hours a day and few people can be seen.  With perhaps less than 250 residents it must have been easy to clear the sets of the promotion video the Sci's made of the place (below). This response to Anderson Cooper's tepid expose features exactly zero people enjoying the amenities. Even the grassy sports areas show no sign of wear. Few people appear in Scientology images of their amenities anymore. Every time someone leaves (blows) they have to re-shoot the videos and photos that person appeared in. So it is easier just to leave everything looking like the ghost town it is in the presentation below.

Two security flaws at Gold Base are "voting" and "jury duty."  The cult pulled strings for years to give their workers a religious exemption from jury duty.  Finally in 2011 protester AnonOrange forced the cult to send their workers out on jury duty just like all other Americans.  This is a major security problem because the person who is randomly called for jury duty will be allowed to leave Gold Base and driven to the courthouse.  The juror could then "blow" (flee), or be exposed to the outside world jurors talk about, or tell the police about illegal behavior at Gold.

Voting is also a problem.  Gold Base was  a polling place until recently.  Once again AnonOrange took took training to be a polling place overseer so he could legally visit during the 2012 spring elections in California.  Unfortunately they had switched to "vote by mail" and he failed to get in.  This was also better for cult leaders because they could fill out all the voting forms themselves and then just have their worker bees sign them.  Very handy when you are corrupt and want to support fellow Scientologists like Jeff Stone who are politicians.  With low voter turnout the several hundred votes gotten from Gold Base could turn an election.  According to voting records the people at Gold Base are a mixture of Republicans and Democrats but, as mentioned, great leader David Miscavige rarely votes even in important races.

In the process of 'fair gaming' Anderson Cooper Scientology Shows Off Gold  Base and its spectacular interiors.

ACREAGE: 500          BUILDINGS: 100+     VOTING:  by mail     SEWAGE:  open pits     AMENITIES:  ship shaped bar with caged parrots, baseball diamond, golf course, sauna, circular running tracks
TAX EXEMPTION:  They managed to get a "Welfare Exemption" for the whole place! Gold Base is assessed at $108 million total with full 100% exemption, including the Golf Course!   CST Twin Peaks does not have a full exemption.
DANGERS:  Earthquake, mudslide, flooding, liquefaction, groundwater contaminated by sewage (fecal coliform bacteria)


protester anonorange
Protester AnonOrange highlights the many dangers of pestering the cult at it's global home base.  Goons, guards, sprinklers, electronic shrieks, traffic and a bulldozer full of farmyard feces. Orange was assaulted by cult guards Danny Dunigan and others and sent to the jail/hospital near Hemet, CA.

no trespassing LIFE AT GOLD IN THE 80'S AND 90'S - Back then most people were bussed to the property every day from off-base and under the leadership of David Miscavige, Gold Base grew exponentially. People were proud of their work then and were hardcore Scientologists. Until the early 1990s cultists were less aware of Miscavige�s abuses of both people and rules. Celebrity visitors were of course given special treatment and sheltered from the harsh conditions staff endured.  Punished staff were sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) at �Happy Valley,� an ironically named area near the Soboba Indian reservation.  Staff who got in trouble were sec checked (interrogated) often as a security risk.

One punishment was forcing cultists with ethics troubles to spend what little personal time they had making  wooden "no trespassing" signs such as the one left.  These signs are found all over Gold although they are illegible, illegal and broken.  "No Trespassing" signs need to have two inch letters and mention the legal code pertaining to trespassing.  These signs do none of that.

Scientology believes everything can be quantified so on Thursday (Stats Day) all Scientologists submit weekly reports on productivity or dealing with critics. Wednesdays at INT base everyone would work  late into the night in order to get their stats (efficiency) up so they would not be in a "lower condition" on Thursday.  Saturdays were renovation days where everyone was expected to clean and improve Gold Base.   Work areas were to be cleaned Saturday nights from 7-10 PM.  Sunday mornings were quiet time when people were allowed to do their laundry and clean their berthings. Personal CSP (clean ship project) was limited to 9 AM to noon. This three hour period was the only time people had to themselves and they spent it cleaning. Nobody wanted to be seen being driven around on one of the security bikes because that meant they were being taken to be punished as a security risk.

Maureen Bolstad also told me that she was involved in the Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman flower nonsense. As part of the effort to get Tom an arranged marriage with Nicole Kidman a field was to be planted with flowers so he could take her there and impress her. The landscaping at Int base is quite lovely, extensive and impressive on it's own. But Maureen and other cultists were punished by being made to plant flowers in the middle of the night. It would takes weeks for the plants to grow and bloom, so why make them do this? Just another humiliation to reinforce them. When the plants finally sprouted flowers the results were unimpressive and the whole thing was torn out.
gold base prisoner fence THE FENCE - In the early 1980s there was no fence but there were security problems. A building near the circular running track now called the Pure Center (previously known as the greenskeepers house) was broken into and music equipment was stolen. The fence went up. Then there were drive by shootings by local yahoos and problems with a drunken groundskeeper from a local golf course, Quail Ranch. 

Cultist Gary "Jackson" Moreheadgary "jackson" morehead sad (right)  was assigned with upgrading this Auschwitz Scientology style. He saw to it that the fence was enlarged and festooned with security apparatus, cameras and sensors. The underground microphones didn�t work because gophers chewed the cables and caused constant false alarms. �No Trespassing� signs which didn't meet legal legibility standards were placed around the property. The sheriff�s office suggested they get highway cameras in order to scan license plates during incidents like the drive-by shootings. This allowed the base to record driving scofflaws as they passed through the property. Several times new Riverside Cty sheriff's deputies  were taken to the main security booth to see the highly effective security system.

As part of the upgrade spikes called �Ultrabarrier� were installed but deliberately kept hard to see from the road.  It was used to sew up holes in the security system such as fence corners. Once bank robbers crashed by the G buildings and hopped the fence. They were badly cut up on the Ultrabarrier and could not leave once inside. This was seen as a testament to the effectiveness of Ultrabarrier.  The fence was built on public land but over time had to be moved back due to pressure from the government. Caltrans demanded that lights and sidewalks be put in as it is a state highway and there is a bus stop there.  The cult does not want sidewalks though and they erected an island in the middle of the road to eat up space. The cult location at Twin Peaks has much much more UltraBarrier. It is surrounded.
honk if riverside is too corrupt GOLD BASE TODAY � Due to protests and people leaving much of the human infrastructure that once existed at Gold Base in the 1980s and 1990s is gone.  This is forcing the cult to pay outside firms for production work once done practically free.  David Miscavige has terrorized so many people that members have either fled (blown), been transferred or are missing.  The upper level of the staff is at bare minimum. The Watchdog Committee, INT Management and the Executive Council (IMEC) no longer function. There are so few workers that everyone lives on site and the white buses which used to bring them to the campus every morning are gone.  Cult leaders Shelly Miscavige and Heber Jentzsch are missing and have not been seen in public for some time.  If Gold Base somehow �falls� due to protests then the entire cult will collapse because it has been beheaded. Currently the place is on lockdown 24 hours a day and few people can be seen, even though they have the floodlights on at night.
rtc gold base RTC BUILDING The nerve center of the oddly named Religious Technology Center which owns Scientology. There is a room in this building full of monitors where David Miscavige can watch every auditing (therapy) session going on at Flag Base (Florida), INT Base (Hemet, CA), PAC Base (Los Angeles) and elsewhere via hidden cameras. It's control freak heaven.  The interior is so sumptuous one has to ask "This is a religion with a welfare tax exemption?"

The building features rooms with so much gaudy lighting the heat generated is absurd, especially in a desert community where air conditioning is a necessity in summer.  Unfortunately the cultists installed the building's two giant air conditioners in the roof upside down. Then they put the roof on. We are talking objects the size of a railroad car. According to ex-Sci Tom Devocht, the whole building is off plumb. That's because they did it themselves rather than rely on sleazy, paid off professional architects.

Windows overlooking Gilman Hot Springs Road are bullet resistant according to David Miscavige's instructions.

Giant microwave transmission towers high on a mountain in San Bernardino connect with the RTC Building allowing it to have its global telecom capabilities.  The inside is so friggin' gorgeous you have to wonder why this organization is tax exempt.  Couldn't all the money they spent on this building been better spent helping poor people get touch assists?
soundstageTHE CASTLE (Soundstages) By far the most prominent building at Gold is the "castle" which serves as their studio.  At three stories tall and 72,000 square feet it dominates the landscape. Everyone who drives by must wonder "What is this place?"  The interior is the size of two football fields.  It opened in 1999 and here are articles about it.  It has two soundstages the largest of which is 20,000 square feet.   Scientologists claim it is one of the largest soundstages in the world. It's quite impressive.

The mystery is, if the castle is such a great soundstage why did the cult buy the KCET Studios in Hollywood in April 2011?  Gold Base has everything a film crew could want. Why did they buy a second studio at a time when nobody is watching their movies as it is?  Probably because Gold Base has become too "hot" and controversial.

Once during a raid I saw two women sitting on the roof just looking at everything. I was told they were probably being punished by being forced to sit up their and think about what they did wrong!
green slimeSEWAGE PITS � Just to the west of the facility are several large sewage pits that have leaked and contaminated the groundwater with fecal coliform bacteria.  Disneyland hides the outside world with a berm around its edge. Gold Base does the same to hide these stink pits. You can't see them from inside or from Gilman Hot Springs Road. (But you can smell them!) 

Like so many things at Gold, leader David Miscavige has found a way to torture people with them.  They eventually fill with waste and dry up.  Someone has to dig out the waste to make room for more.  Ex-Scientologists have complained that they were forced to dig out the excrement without safety equipment. Breathing the dusty, dried waste is harmful because it contains bacteria, viruses and fungi which can infect the lungs.

If other organizations contaminated their own groundwater the government and the EPA would get upset with them.  Not Scientology.  This entire base is one big permit violation.  They care little for building codes because they consider themselves superior to any government.
hidden cameraEAGLE�S NEST � This lookout on the hill above Gold base is at the very top edge of their mountainside property.  It features a camouflaged exterior and remote operated camera.  It�s strategic location gives a commanding view of the complex.  A road behind the mountains up Castaic Canyon past the dump can be driven and people can legally go to the top and look down on the property. You can even walk very close to the Eagle�s Nest and look down on it without trespassing.  My source tells me the multiple lookout nests are not sniper posts and never have been, although the cult does own a licensed sniper rifle."  Nevertheless it is unnerving to protest Gold Base knowing these posts are up there.

Another much smaller lookout points directly at the main gate.  Although they are called the "snipers nests" it is unknown if snipers would ever man them since they are outside the perimeter of the protective fence. They have been extensively covered by drone footage.
Anti-protester speaker system SPEAKER SYSTEM � When protesting began in earnest at Gold Base in 2008 the cult erected eight high power speakers along the main road bisecting the base.  At one protest I arrived first and scouted out and saw this speaker box. That was new. BOOM!  Suddenly the ground around me and the very air electro-vibrated like the sound of giant electronic dinosaurs stomping around.

Then the sound coalesced itself into an unbearable 110 kHz variable tri-tone which you can hear for yourself in the video at right.  What is a 110 kHz tri-tone?  Imagine the phantom of the opera putting one finger on a giant surround sound organ.  It makes a note. And as he pushes the key up and down the sound of the note goes up and down. And then the phantom does that with three notes at once. At the volume of a jet engine. Pointed at you oh protester! TURN THE VOLUME DOWN BEFORE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO!

Other sounds they experimented with used white noise, which sounded like an out of tune electric guitar in a hurricane.  Often in the early uses there was a five second pause every two minutes or so which I could time to use as a "screaming section."  I would shout "Free Heber Jentzsch!" a prominent missing Scientologist.  This surely infuriated them because one of the main points of the speaker system was to drown out the entheta (negative propaganda) of the protesters.  You know? Entheta.  It's not theta, it's enturbulated theta.  Eventually the gaps in the noise were eliminated.

Once during a sonic blast there was a pause in the noise for some reason and I heard, uphill in the Scientology production buildings, the sound of other speakers going off playing a sound less harsh than the one I heard, maybe.  But still very loud and masking.  I believe that they had erected a secondary sound system within that area to blast random noise and camouflage the sound of protester's chants.  Especially myself, because I shout loud and also protester "I'm Glib" because she brought a megaphone.  She might have been charged by the cult with disturbing the peace if they weren't already doing that themselves.  Would the cult ever be charged with noise pollution? "No," the cops told us. Because they own all the property in this area they are free to do want they want because there isn't anybody else around to disturb."
bonnie view BONNIE VIEW � This gigantic mansion was built for cult founder L. Ron Hubbard to move into the minute he reincarnates as some other Thetan, realizes who he/she is, feels the pull of Scientology, shows up at their security gate and verifies him or herself by knowing things only LRH would know.  It sounds like a lot of work but in the end you get a friggin mansion!  You also get plush offices around the world in hundreds of gorgeous buildings!  Just another example of how Scientology spends huge amounts of money on frivolous things which burnish its image.  In this case Bonnie View's construction means "Hubbard was a great man and we spent a lot of money on this monument to him which we built and maintain just because we can.  How could Hubbard not be right?"

Nobody has shown up yet to be the reincarnation of Hubbard even though that is a linchpin of their religion. So the mansion has gone empty and it is said that current leader David Miscavige has moved into it.  I assume he sits around playing video games all day there if he visits the facility at all.

Technically that is all sacrilegious. But not for the Religious Technology Center.  For more on RTC's secret vault at Twin Peaks click here.
sp hall SP (PRISONER'S) HALL/THE HOLE � This area looks like two double-wide trailers glued together.   Here it is thought that many very important Scientologists are being held captive.  Is ex president Heber Jentzsch here?  Is leader David Miscavige's wife Shelly here?  Who can say.  But plenty of people who have left can testify to the torturous and crazy goings on in these small buildings.

They are a prison in a security complex designed by Gary "Jackson" Morehead. Before an expose by the St. Petersburg Times ran the prisoners often slept on the floor, did not leave the building, had no contact with the outside world. Now, because of the story, they are at least allowed to go down to the mess hall for real food and sleep in at least a cot.

The local politicians have been warned time and again about the existence of this prison. Everyone knows it is there. But with Scientologists like Jeff Stone on the Riverside Board of Supers it's unlikely these people will be rescued anytime soon.
sp hall REHABILITATION PROJECT FORCE (SLAVE) AREA �  The now destroyed Old Gillman House and the trailers around it were thought to house members of Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF).  These are slaves who have fallen to a lower condition and have been placed in indefinite indentured servitude until they rehabilitate themselves. While they have some freedom of movement they are forbidden to talk to most people and most are forbidden to converse with them. When not working they probably sleep in storage containers with air conditioning units.  The long cargo container sized objects in the photo at left.  Theoretically workers living here will somebody return the the flock. This is not to be confused with people in "The Hole" who are often VIP scientologists who want to leave and are being held captive with no hope of rehabilitation.

I chose this area to knowingly trespass on their property to take photos of the fence because I figured the fence would be most highly fortified in this area.  It's where the slaves with freedom of movement are kept yet it is also very close to an isolated part of the fence.  I just wasn't prepared for UltraBarrier.

The RPF is where you make it the RPF is what you make it.

scientologist muriel dufresne contact infoOCTOBER 2015 :  His horniness the Angry Gay Pope has received yet another juicy story from someone I will not identify. My source wishes to remain anonymous. I know the feeling! Therefore I give him the Anon name "GoldDigger."

The events described below transpired sometime in 2015. This is his story about his trip to Gold Base. GoldDigger actually got inside! That's a prospect that terrifies me but he and his brother did it anyway! A supreme achievement for Anonymous. The previous record was held by Casper D. Ghost, who unicycled ALONE there at the same place protester AnonOrange got the S*H*I*T beaten out of him while with a group.

Those things all happened outside the spiked perimeter fence, of course.

Now everyone should be skeptical of random folks who contact you claiming outlandish deeds. But GoldDigger is the man, the man with the photos to back it up, so just shut up! He emailed me pics of himself in his car clearly on the grounds. The Church has known of this transgression for months because they spy on my emails. I am only talking to the outside world about it now. Worse, I cannot release most of the photos which prove his story. I can only release his photo of Gold Base "Director of Community Affairs" Muriel Dufresne's business card to back it up. Her title means she is the one in charge of bribing the awfully corrupt community of Riverside, CA. Hello State Rep Jeff Stone!

Here is his story ...

Hello AGP!

I live in San Jacinto CA, just a few miles away from Gold Base [Golden Era Productions in Hemet, CA]. I always wanted to take a peek inside. After watching your videos and AnonOrange's it got me thinking... How can I get inside? I had just watched Going Clear on HBO and thought that I could get in.

My brother and I decided to drive past a few times and see if we could get in. I dressed like I was a golfer, and had my clubs in the back of my car. I went to Golden Era golf club and, to my surprise, nobody was there. I peeked through windows and didn't see much so we got back into my car and drove up to the Gold Base main gate.

danny duniganDanny Dunigan was posted at the gate and came out and asked "Can I help you?" I said "Yes, is your golf course open?" he replied "Not to the public, only for charity events." Then I asked "what is this place?" He gave a huge bullshit spiel on what they do there and rambled on about the movie studio. I asked if they gave tours. He said "Sometimes, but only to locals in the area." I said I only lived a few miles away, so then he gave me a business card of Muriel's [Muriel Dufresne] and told me to call her. My brother did and left a message. Three weeks later they called us back from a Los Angeles area code and set up a date and time for a tour.

We showed up at the gate for the tour and they asked who we were and said that they don't give tours. We said the name from the card and then they called and verified our appointment.

They let us in and told us to go to the main building. We met a woman I believe was Muriel and she let us look around at all the books and videos they had as she was in her office. She later came out and asked what car we drove in and asked us to follow her to the movie studio. I only saw two Sea Orgs on the grounds going there.

Once inside the movie studio we walked in and there are a lot of video kiosks. Muriel took us through about five short videos of LRH, Scientology, commercials and what not. After that propaganda riddled shit she then walked us down some long hallways that had makeshift tables. These stretched down the entire length and had documents of LRH he had written that were in translation to a plethora of languages.

Our first stop was the props workshop where they were building stuff. A group of, like, four folks were working in that area and one gentleman stood out as I could tell he wanted to talk. He was not allowed until Muriel motioned him. He politely shook our hands and told us of the process and he was very eager to describe his work. Muriel cut him short as we headed off into another area. Funny thing was that a lot of these folks have accents from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

muriel dufresneWe went to another area that had the world's largest printers where they made the flooring, drapes and wall paper for the sets. There was a middle aged woman working that area. Once again we noticed she was eager to meet us. Muriel gave her the motion and she then spoke to us about her department. After that we walked onto the movie sets as this time Muriel described what happens there. Slowly more Sea Orgs started coming in and dressing sets and some of them only got to say a friendly "hello."

After that part of the tour, we walked into the actors room. It looked like an English hunting lodge. Muriel asked us to take a seat and asked us if we wanted a beverage. I politely said "no thanks," and she came back with Coke, Dr. Pepper, water and orange juice. I said "no thank you" again.

Muriel then became very interrogational with us trying to figure out why we were there. What was our motive? Trust me, it took everything I had not to call bullshit on this cult. I said "I drive by here a lot and always wondered what it was. I don't know much about scientology other than Tom Cruise and John Travolta are in it." I asked a few questions about the place and, after about 30 minutes, she asked us to drive back to the reception area.

At the reception area she asked us to wait a few minutes and she came back with all kinds of swag. My brother wanted to buy Dianetics and asked me to pay with my card. I told him I don't want these folks to have any of my info. So he paid with his. LOL! [never do this - ed.]

Muriel gave us her card, gave us a hug and walked us out to my car and we then left the property, where Danny Dunigan was again and he said "Hello." LOL.

GoldDigger sent me a photo of the goodies
scientology media from muriel dufresne

2017 UPDATE:  The guys got back to me and allowed me to print the photo of the goodies (seen above) which they had previously not wanted published out of "fear" or whatever. aka they were paranoid.

After the incident in 2015 the car used was repeatedly vandalized and the patio furniture in their backyard kept getting re-arranged.  This is a psychological technique called "gaslighting."