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clara shortridge foltz dreary criminal justice centerAPRIL 27, 2016:  By the time of the second pretrial hearing the District Attorney's office had succeded in it's goal: to prevent something from going to trial. That's their job.  You may think, from watching TV, that every case goes to trial and everything is solved in fifty minutes  (plus commercials).  In reality the criminal justice system in America is morally and ethically bankrupt.  They have no money and often railroad innocent people in order to get them to plead guilty just because it is cheaper and faster (and the defendent is usually non-White).  The DA is in charge of making sure that each case does not get to trial and cost time and money the system does not have.  Once the final pre-trial hearing is over a clock starts counting down.  If the defendent does not get a trial in 30 days it's like you get out of jail free.  As soon as the clock starts ticking down -20 days to trial, -10 days, etc.  the pressure to settle becomes stronger.  Most cases doen't go to trial just like most movies never get made.  Actually going to trial is about as common as actually shooting, editing and releaseing a major motion picture.

After reviewing what little video evidence of the incident the Church of Scientology was willing to give up, I resolved the incident with my lawyer Graham Berry.  I decided to plea to tresspassing (the least serious of the charges). The other charges would be dropped and there would be a stay away from Ken Long and L. Ron Hubbard way for three years (the minimum).  The video from November 7th is absolutely hilarious and newsworthy, but it's not worth the expense of the government locking me up for days while I grabbed all the free healthcare I could. As a protester, I want to may the system pay for ignoring my problems for so long. Had the cops not been corrupt it would never have happened.  I would just have been ticketed, or warned, or whatever.  But this was not an ordinary situation.

In court accuser Ken Long and third party Church lawyer Kendrick Moxon were of course present.  But ex-Scientologist Laura DeCresenzo's forced abortion lawsuit was going on in a nearby downtown Los Angeles courthouse.  Moxon left my case early and went to he trial, which has already been to the Supreme Court once with appeals and looks to do that again.  My lawyer also left the minute he could to attend this trial.  And so the Angry Gay Pope has fulfilled one of his pledges to donors:  that his business would disrupt their legal abilities against more legitimate trials of their abuses.  It's in my trial teaser video.

When I got up to plead "no contest" to the tresspassing charge my lawyer brought up the problem that, with the power to push me away, Ken Long could be used to prevent me from showing up at protests.  He would essentially be stalking me instead, since he has no fear of me whatsoever as evidenced in the video the Church provided.  This, of course, actually happened in May 2016 when he did just that at the Scientology Media Productions opening. The Judge said that if they went into a restaurant and harassed me that would be of concern.  Well, it doesn't really work that way with me since they just want me to go away and would never goad me. I should have said something but oh well.  Next time. Talking to the judge is a no-no as a defendant. Stupid lawyers with their "judge talking" monopoly.

By pleading "no contest" I am pleading guilty in a way that I can't be sued in civil court now that I have been tried in criminal court.  I pled guilty to one count of tresspassing with the counts of disrupting a religious service and battery dismissed.  Ironically, "sexual battery" was the original charge that got me thrown in jail for five calendar days in the first place last November.  Yes it seems that the criminal justice system has learned that a smack on the butt of a Scientologist like Ken Long is not really sexual battery.

Moxon, OSAbot Ken Long and my lawyer Graham Berry all left to go to the Laura DeCrescenzo's coerced abortion trial a few blocks away. This thereby fullfilled my promise to my donors in my original video that I would disrupt the Church's ability, however minor, to deal with other problem's like her's. And I mentioned the case by name.  See donors, Angry Gay Pope delivers!

I waited to fill out some paperwork and return to work in Hollywood on post-production CGI animation the movie "Jack Reacher 2: Never Look Back" starring Tom Cruise (groan).  The court discussed the next case.  It involves the video incident at right.

Some idiot had jumped on stage during and awards show and interrupted the proceedings.  They were giving an award to this talk show called "The Talk" starring Sharon Osbourne and formerly with ex-Scientologist Leah Remini.  She had left the show but she keeps showing up in this story!  The show had won a People's Choice Award in 2016 and some moron jumped on stage and promoted himself and got arrested.  Sharon Osbourne literally kicked his ass off the stage and he was charged for the incident.  In court the judge and lawyers were laughing about it. Firstly they thought it funny that actors are called "talent," then the DA cracked them up saying he wasn't going to call Sharon Osbourne as a witness and he didn't even know who the other people on stage were.  Then they laughed when he told them that the guy confessed on YouTube to the crime and the event was aired on television anyway.  There was no need to call anybody because it could all be watched on the Internet.  I think that is basically what is happening in a lot of situations lately and the LAPD don't even have body cameras yet. 

Social media is forcing the criminal justice system to change. And it does not like to change.  Hell, they still speak Latin. Even I, the Angry Gay Pope, do that only ocassionally.  If Leah Remini had still been on the show at the time she would have been on stage too.  She would probably have punched the guy in the crotch.  Oh that Leah Remini, Troublemaker!  She keeps popping up in this story (thank goodness!).

The End.