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Scientology goons followed me for two days when I first started protesting
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Everyone asks that because I never had anything to do with Scientology before I started protesting and they never ever did anything bad to me. But I am like Lisa Simpson the cartoon character. I'm capable of taking action just because I am morally offended and I take setbacks as a challenge.  When I lived in Ohio as a kid I saw the 60 Minutes stories and the infamous Time Magazine cover story and they disgusted me.  With no knowledge of Scientology's principles for success I just worked incredibly hard and pulled myself up by my own bootstraps.  I came to Hollywood and made it as a feature film animator, eventually working on projects for every studio in town. But when I arrived I was shocked at the large Scientology presence on the boulevard. Hollywood  Boulevard. My new adopted hometown main street.  I wished I could do something about it in 1998 but I was just one person.  The cult would squish me like a bug if I disrupted them.  They had been declared a religion again by the IRS and they had not yet succumbed to infighting. It was the zenith of their power. LRH didn't live to see it but he didn't care by then anyway.

Then in 2008 Scientology pulled a video off YouTube of Tom Cruise acting foolish.  The cold war the Internet had been waging against the cult got hot and in the spring Anonymous staged global protests.  I did not go to the first one because I was afraid it would all be weird nerds or I would be arrested for no reason. But when I saw the photos of the large crowds I knew it was time to take action because there was safety in numbers. And I would wear a mask and be Anonymous.
Protest websites advised attendees to wear baggy, loose clothing to hide our body shape.  Masks were to be worn and hair covered.  I went to a costume store on Melrose and picked out a Mardi Gras mask because I figured everybody else would wear Guy Fawkes mask and I wanted to be different.  My choices for hiding my hair were limited:  a pope hat, a giant black afro and a pirate hat.  "A pirate hat has nothing to do with Scientology and makes me thing of software theft" I decided.  Little was I to know pirates would be a theme of protests for months with many people dressed as pirates.  Oops. 

I bought the pope hat.  I stood out at protests.  People asked why I was there.  I said "I'm angry and I'm Gay."  They called me the Angry Gay Pope.  Even cult security calls me "the Pope" over their radios because that was everyone's name for me before cult leader David Miscavige knew my name. So everybody calls me that, especially the Scis.  It's great rounding a corner at a protest and being followed by cult guards on bikes. Their security phones crackle "the pope is coming around the corner.."   It's funny.

guy fawkes maskI was a member of Anonymous, the mask wearing protest group, for three months in 2008 before Scientology ID'd me. I then became "not Anonymous."

We had over 9,000 members worldwide at our first rally in February 2008.  I did not go because I was afraid of being the only one there or surrounded by a few ineffectual Internet nerds.  I feared for my safety.  But then I saw news articles about how many people had showed up. Over 300.  So I went to the next rally in March.

Enturbulation started happening globally on a certain Saturday.  I would wake up each month on protest day, log on and watch same day rallies in Australia already posted on YouTube, plus pics and commentary on message boards.  Throughout the day people at global protests uploaded what they recorded and, because I live on the west coast of America, we were the last to protest globally. It was an amazing experience.  It really hit me the power of the Internet to galvanize people for something more important than a gimmicky "flash mob."  Eventually the Anonymous protests against Scientology dissipated but the same parallel process took over and destroyed the governments of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, etc.  The invention of the Internet, Facebook and Twitter have already done more to promote democracy in the world than the Pentagon ever could!

Why did Anonymous stop protesting Scientology after the first two years?  The Scientologists pressured people to quit (fair gamed), the fickle internet got bored, protesters fought each other online and the cult encouraged this.  Most important, the economy collapsed and protesters had to work twice as hard for half as much wages.  Protesting is hard when you can't even afford gasoline to get to a raid.  Finally, groups like "Occupy LA" emerged to allow civic minded people to protest the main problems of society like income inequality, not just Scientology.

We still protest at the HQ of the worldwide empire of the Cult and make life hard for them.  I've worked in major movies for years as an artist so I use my skills at video editing, animation and design to record the end of times for the Church.  The donations and attention are just pleasant side effects.  Unlike Tom Cruise I am not in it for the attention (aka an "EgoFag" as internet jerks say).  You rarely see my face in videos and I prefer to wear a mask to main protests. It hides my ID when I want to come back later and talk to the cultists.  It is also dehumanizing and intimidating to Scientologists.  They take courses which involve staring at somebody else's face for a long time to the point where you may even hallucinate!  Hiding my face helps enturbulate them.

After a June 2008 global Anonymous protest they followed me with at least three PI's in cars. Then they saw me driving a sick old man's car to the electronics store because the guy was too ill with AIDS and other problems to drive himself. They photographed us and harassed us while recording his license number. They told me "Did you know you didn't come to a complete stop outside" and other criticisms of my driving they had recorded while following me. Then they staked out the sick old man's house and I caught them doing it. Posted a video and it made them leave me alone. BUT they searched the old man's phone records, tracked down everyone he called and found me. Now when members of Anonymous call me they are exposed because the "Church" of Scientology is monitoring my phone calls illegally. How? Ask them. Good thing I don't own a car in LA. Makes it much harder to hassle and follow me.  Because I am Gay I don't have family or children to go after either.  Because I am the only person in the world who WANT'S Scientology to drag them into court I have greater artistic freedom than other protesters.  They can't threaten to sue me over every little thing.  They have to wait and sue me over big things.

Why does he do it?

angry gay pope stubble SEPTEMBER 2016:  On this super-sized episode, Jenny and Tom risk lawsuits, assassination attempts, and the butt hurt disapproval of Tom Cruise by poking fun at the weird and wacky world of Scientology with infamous Scientology protester The Angry Gay Pope, who has spent the past eight years trolling the ludicrous “church” and documenting every hilarious second of it on his magical YouTube channel, The End of Scientology. Listen, laugh, visit his site, and donate to his Patreon so he can continue his glorious takedown of this loony and dangerous cult.

angry gay pope stubble Turn your clocks to 13 for the EXACT AND CANONICAL AGP interviews. Not just fans, these two are addicts of mine. Because they live in Florida they have had ample opportunity to watch Scientology in action.

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Protester Mark Bunker and Scientology whistle blower Karen de la Carriere tell you all about Anonymous and it's war with the Church of Scientology. Mark's summary is very good and quick, but has been heard before. Then Karen adds new data and rounds out the story with her own personal observations while in the Church during Anon protests.