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NEWS: The staff at the LA Ideal org has been fired and replaced with all Sea Org workers. There is now no night shift

A Sunday morning trip to the most important Scientology megachurch shows the obvious: nobody is there at lunch time. Scientology has died.

Did you notice I wasn't gloating? Tee hee! This brief video is the work we've all been waiting for! I feel like Ronald Reagan after the fall of Communism.


kendrick moxon headshot 2008 l. ron hubbard way los angeles caSEPTEMBER 4, 2014: Scientology lawyer Kendrick Moxon sued me in Internet Court to gain ownership of my former website www.KendrickMoxon.com . While not a court of law per se the ruling of the arbitration board affects who owns and controls this domain.  I have switched the website over to an "under construction" page.  It's ownership will transfer to Mr. Moxon in about ten days.  Even though I have lost access to the website url "KendrickMoxon.com" the files of the website are still available and searchable on Google right here on AngryGayPope.com.  I have added a major click through disclaimer with links to Mr. Moxon's own website to attempt to mitigate ICANN's previous problems with the website.  Still more changes will be made to further satisfy the arbitration panel and Mr. Moxon.  The new site is called www.kendrickmoxonesq.com and will be up shortly.

pdf format documents1.  MOXON'S COMPLAINT - Filed by Moxon's Mormon lawyer Utah Patent Attorney - Steven Rinehart shown below looking smarmy before a white background. Jurisdictional basis, complainant's background, Respondent's bad faith registration, complainant's common law mark, rights and legitimate interest.
2.  MOXON'S ANNEXES (aka Appendices) - The documents contain the Angry Gay Pope's real name and the name of a woman who has a second restraining order against him. There are also very clumsily duplicated website stills courtesy of Steven Rinehart. UDRP uniform domain policy resolution, bar membership profiles, injunction against respondent, photographs of respondent harassing complainant's client, police reports and injunctions, correspondence between complainant and respondent, wikipedia article on complainant, website at disupted domain, third-party videos of complainant, sample litigation filings, google search results for mark, whois record, screenshots of website.
3.  ANGRY GAY POPE'S RESPONSE - Delivered and edited by my lawyer Graham Berry.  Prominent disclaimer, complainant has no functioning website, legitimate non-commercial fair use, lateness/laches, Complainant's career not jeopardized, monetary compensation not demanded, public recording, website a glorified links page, Respondent's legal issues with COS irrelevant, AGP a legit journalist, client has no interest in selling website, Complainant resorting to Wog law not at cause.
Utah Patent Attorney - Mormon Steven Rinehartkendrick moxon squinting4.  ANGRY GAY POPE'S ANNEXES (aka Appendices) - Properly recorded website stills, prominent disclaimer, kmoxonlaw.com, selected KendrickMoxon.Com pages, COS sponsors hate pages,  website statistics, the Church of Scientology's own hate websites against Angry Gay Pope, Graham Berry, Karen De La Carriere and Marty Rathbun, AGP in the media, Moxon's alleged affair, the "Avagram." 
5.  MOXON'S REBUTTLE - Laches not a defense, disclaimer on website doesn't obviate confusing similarity,  complainant's mark is Kendrick Moxon. Monetary damages cannot be awarded in UDRP cases, respondent not carried burden.
6.  JUDGE 'S DECISION - Written by Judge Carolyn Marks Johnson. The judge experienced a scandal in Texas court when the state reprimanded Johnson for having a defendant submit to a drug test just moments AFTER said defendant was found Not Guilty by a jury in trial.  Judge Johnson's daughter is also a lawyer specializing in human trafficking issues.  JUDGE'S FINDINGS:  Identical or confusingly similar, rights or legitimate interests, registration and use in bad faith, laches, decision in favor of Kendrick Lichty Moxon, Esquire.

As someone unfamiliar with the new practice of Internet law I found this to be an engaging and educating process. The judge's disregard for laches on both sides was particularly interesting to me.  Therefore the Angry Gay Pope has decided that this legal adventure was deemed "worthwhile."  And, of course, a new website is coming.  You can test it out right here.   I will use what I have learned from this defeat to take everything to the next level.  Which Mr. Moxon has done by instigating this and causing the Internet to talk more about him and this issue and link to my pages.

I will not retreat I will shift to the side and another website full of the same data and links. Now the onus is on Mr. Moxon to go forward instead. To make this newly awarded website he has waited for so long http://www.KendrickMoxon.Com ... at cause.  Can he do it? And for how long?


war is over irs scientology videoJULY 2014: Feast your eyes on almost three hours of the Church of Scientology's most infamous and historic event: The end of their 30 year war with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This grainy video is so secret and rare that the Church of Scientology fights to keep it off the Internet. You are advised to download this large video file to your computer immediately and then watch it locally.

There is much interest in this historic video but the Church may try to have it deleted because they are seen gloating about their victory against the US taxation authorities. Google makes a lot of money off of the Church and usually does its evil bidding in such matters.

Recorded in "maximum smarm," the ceremony pulls out all the stops and goes for maximum wins. A gigantic set showcasing two musical numbers, a laser show, onstage pyrotechnics plus great leader David Miscavige recounting the details of their IRS conflict. Late in the video are appearances by multiple bigwig cultists like Ray Mithoff, Marc Yager and Guillaume Lesevre. Those three men have since been imprisoned by the Great Leader and are no longer seen in public. Other now imprisoned members, like Heber Jentszch, can be seen in the multiple crowd shots.

And then the attendees are told that the Internal Revenue Service, which is the arbiter of what is a religion in this country, has given them a massive tax exemption, The reaction is ecstatic. and extended. Scientology and the IRS intertwine like the Yin Yang. The IRS conducts auditing on individuals, an interrogation designed to extract money. The Church of Scientology conducts Auditing on individuals, an interrogation designed to extract money. Can you see the difference?

The quality of the video and audio is poor because this was the only copy I could find. I have enhanced the technical quality as best I could and resynced the audio, which was broken. Although I have added explanatory text at the beginning and the end 99% of the video is unretouched. ...

While you are downloading the video check out these weblinks for more information ....

CHURCH'S ACCOUNT OF EVENT: http://www.scientologyreligion.org/pg004.html
TRANSCRIPT OF EVENT: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Cowen/essays/speech.html
NEW YORK TIMES SPILLS SECRET DETAILS OF IRS AGREEMENT:  http://www.lermanet.com/scientologynews/nytimes/nyt-irs-030997.htm 

way to happiness comic book - sage
sage comic book download link
MAY 2014:  Most official Scientology publications go over the top on productions values. They say little but boy do they say it with bright colors, elaborate layouts and expensive printing processes. Even metallic inks.  Why shouldn't they? They market themselves as the experts on everything, especially promotion and public relations.  Yet the minute you see things created by the cultists THEMSELVES you realize how incompetent they really are.

The following comic books is one of those things.  It was not published by the Church of Scientology. It was not published by their secular arm The Way To Happiness Foundation.  It was published by the "Concerned Businessmen's Association," a front group developed by TWTH booster Barbara Ayash.  She was often called the "Queen of the Way to Happiness."  What was she the queen of?  A scam which pressured Scientologists to buy expensive booklets which cost nothing to print.  Those booklets were intended to be given out by the cultists to their friends, business associates and customers.  And the Church would rake in the money for a booklet so pointlessly useless that one of it's pieces of advice was "Take care of yourself."

supresso the evil villainThis pathetic comic book follows that example by getting on the bandwagon that everyone can agree on:  drinking too much or doing too many drugs is bad.  It's a pathetic example of non-media generated to draw people in to the scam.  It's also vintage Scientology.  It's very literal and unimaginative, it has  a weird sci-fi premise, and it's boring.  It tells the story of Sage (Set A Good Example).  He's a space alien who wears Scientology style medals and hands out copies of The Way to Happiness.  The villian is "Suppresso," named after Suppressive Persons, the enemy of Scientology.

It's drama is so pathetic that the real star is "Temperate" the outer space elf who runs around with a banana peel on his head and takes people's beers away from them at "spaceball" games.  It was all cooked up by Barbara Ayash for the Way to Happiness Foundation. They even put a huge picture of her in their lobby exhibit about how great they are. Lobby exhibits are a staple of Scientology.  And what happened to her when she got old and sick and was no longer useful? 

They dumped her of course.  Her daughter, Ginger Sugerman, complained that the cult had thrown her under the bus after so many years of hard work. In fact, she was so busy with TWTH that, according to Ginger, she barely spent any time raising her own kids.

Ginger gave me a copy of this comic and I digitally restored it. By that I mean I scanned in all the pages in high definition, color corrected away the yellowed paper, cleaned up the dirt and rips, whitened the whites and made a large PDF format document to store it in.  Plus I did the entire process stoned on Marijuana just for good measure!  Am I setting a good example Sage?

temperate the elf at spaceball game

NEWS: Westboro Baptist Church leader excommunicated, drops dead, gets no funeral - BOO HOO!

big blueMARCH 8, 2014:  The Church, which never misses an opportunity to put a ribbon on a building and "open" it, did the same to their main LA location "Big Blue" aka "The Complex". It's the large campus they own on the site of the old Cedars of Lebanon Hospital.  Turnout was pathetic: less than 2,000 people. The great leader barely said anything. What?  He can spend up to three hours bloviating to the sound of his own voice. But not this day!  I did not stay long as they were pressuring heavily to have me arrested. Other protesters stayed and were practically outnumbered by handlers.

Nevertheless when I first arrived I got to greet a HUGE group of cultists arriving by bus. About 200.  And my sign was designed using input from apostates so it was very effective.  The brief video is below.  Notice how absolutely everyone pretended I was not there despite the fact that I was wearing a pope hat, Mardi Gras mask, rainbow shirt and blue fuzzy day-glo pants.


I don't protest much anymore but when I inserted myself into this intersection I ran into the largest crowd of  Scientology Sea Org personnel I've ever seen. Several hundred people walked by me silently in this brief video. The event only drew about 2,000 people so I got to mentally enturbulate a lot of people with their own medicine. Enturbulate means "create turbulence."  Notice how nobody attacks me or defends Scientology.  They just silently walk to the event. Pretending they are not listening.  But they are.

These are the worker bees who have been raised in an environment of "snitching" and telling on each other.  Eventually that just makes people not say anything at all to each other. You see this in the video of their trudging along. Drudging along. This is their entire LIFE in the Sea Org, Scientology's "priesthood."

Cult guard Jason True uses every button he can push to get me away from the cultists I just talked to in the previous video.   This included lying and saying that a woman with a trumped up restraining order was right around the corner from me and I would be violating my RO if I hung around.

I ran into this poor, poor mom (or, after this fund raising event, she surely will be). I like her charmingly chipper Stepford wife quality. The poor girl has no answers for the lack of toilet paper in her organization. It really showed!

NEWS: History channel targets Scientology in "America's Book of Secrets" airing March 30 - April 3

Compare and contrast the public performances of two women. One is the highest level of Scientologist (OT 8). The other is a WOG (non-Scientologist) professional comedian who never took the Church's Communications Course.  She merely discusses female Scientologists. Which one gives a better public performance?  Do you know Carla Moxon spent decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars to attain this level of Scientology? Was it money well spent?  Comedian Kathy Griffin was no doubt PAID hundreds of thousands of dollars for her performance. Who is living the better life?
Scientologist Carla Moxon tells bizarre "story" about Kendrick MoxonComic Kathy Griffin dishes dirt on Kirstie Alley and Scientology
kendrick moxon scientology lawyer headshotScientologist Carla Moxon is married to notorious Church lawyer Kendrick Moxon of KendrickMoxon.com . In this scene from a performance at "Toastmasters" Carla tells an exclusive "story" about her and her husband.

Carla has reached the highest level of Scientology training: New OT 8. Despite this her performance in the video is pathetic and bizarre. Completely lacking the communications skills the cult claims to enable, she fumbles through a bizarre sci fi story that seems more about being unable to tell fiction from reality than about keeping the Toastmasters crowd awake.

Her daughter committed suicide to escape from Scientology. Her son and daughter in law fled the Church to prevent their unborn child from being aborted.

Carla's husbanded demanded that the fetus be killed as per Church orders. This is the only known video of Carla. it is quite rare and has newsworthy interest.
kirstie alley fatSee the whole show for just $2 at: AMAZON.COM

Comedian Kathy Griffin brings the house down talking about her experiences with ex-Scientologist actress Leah Remini and current Sci Kirstie Alley (certifiably nutz says Kathy).

This brief clip is just part of the fun on "Kathy Griffin Record Breaker". More about Kathy's show right here: BRAVO TV

She talks about meeting actress Leah Remini on the red carpet at a major awards show. Then she segues into her stint acting for a week on the new show Kirstie Alley is putting together.  The observations about Kirstie are actually newsworthy from a psychological point of view. We love watching and hearing about what these cultists are up to at all levels!

This is Kathy's twentieth comedy show. She actually won recognition in the Guiness Book of World Records for this achievement.

David Miscavige suddenly looking gaunt in 2013
Cult leader David Miscavige is just about the sexiest guy I ever hated. Until this year. Oh I still hate him, but his appearance has taken a nosedive in 2013 for some reason.  Below is the first photo I've ever seen of the man where I didn't want to kiss him. It's a bit blurry but when you watch the event on video at thirty frames per second the issue becomes obvious. You can't airbrush two hours of moving images. His clothing is hanging off of him. Which means the weight loss happened so fast that his tailor could not keep up.

He's known for his great body and obsessive concern over fitness and his appearance. In the past he has kick boxed, obsessively analyzed his own diet, etc.

It is a bit hard to tell from these photos but DM looks a lot worse to me. On the left is a high definition airbrushed photo of him at an event event in March. On the right a low definition video screen grab. You can't airbrush video.  Although the screen grab is grainy (by definition) you can still clearly see the changes.

What is wrong with him? Is it because of:

1. HIV - it looks similar to HIV wasting in his face which lost its body fat. If he got infected and never got tested (likely) it might be too late for drugs to work
2. Asthma/smoking - Were you born with your breathing broken? Then why not smoke nicotine? Miscavige was born with asthma which is a disaster for smokers and he's smoked like a chimney for decades . Those years could have caught up with him. LRH smoked Kools ...therefore it is okay to smoke cigarettes. But LRH didn't use an asthma inhaler to start with! Those Kools were kool with LRH.
3. Stimulants - Is he high on uppers to give him the energy to deal with the growing chaos in his empire? They make you not want to eat. Meth is so popular ...
4. The brown liquors like scotch are not helping. Brown liquors are the worst for your body.
5. Other health issue ...

Whatever is causing this I could not be happier! What a present to unwrap this holiday season.

ARREST VIDEO - just the facts
GUY FAWKES DAY 2013: This brief video shows the interaction between me and the PR employee of the Church who charged me with felony stalking and put me in solitary confinement for three days

She told them I had been stalking her for years. Do you believe her? Her citizen's arrest caused me to spend three days in LAPD jail downtown unable to come up with $150,000 bail. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!

A much longer video featuring discussions with the detectives and what happened after I was arrested is coming soon.  If you would like to comment then play the video and click the "YouTube" button to watch on YouTube and leave a comment there.  I look forward to hearing what people think.


 GUY FAWKES DAY 2013: This brief teaser video will whet your appetite for seeing the full length arrest. That video will coming very shortly.  In this one cult guard Franck Paolo runs all the way down the street to stop me from asking Sea Org members about their poor living conditions. They sleep with twenty people in one room that smells like dirty socks!  I was far from the building, and the woman, who have given me problems in the past. It was as if Franck was enforcing his own block long restraining order all by himself.  You'll also hear a portion of the argument with a female employee that led to my arrest but you will not see her face.  Even the final video will have her face "anonymized."

If you would like to comment then play the video and click the "YouTube" button to watch on YouTube and leave a comment there.  I look forward to hearing what people think.


pdf document explanation
After being falsely citizen's arrested by Scientology and having false evidence filed against me and spending THREE DAYS in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT I am safe at home again. Cannot say more at this time for legal reasons. 

You may have heard that Anti-Shirtless Lady had me arrested on felony stalking charges for doing no stalking at all on Guy Fawkes day.

November V
Scientology Legal Mess V
V for Vexatious

I am back home as of 7 PM 11/7 and doing better thanks to Graham Berry's legal loop de loops.

scientology guard frack paolo guy fawkes day 2013 hollywood boulevard
V for Victory! V for vendetta ... V for vexatious litigation.

Scientology loses for making bad PR for itself and embarrassing itself in front of the LAPD and the DA. But they still got something out of it as Graham will soon tell in Tony Ortega's blog.

We have given him the exclusive. There were a couple errors in Tony's story on me. The main one is I would NEVER stick my head in the Hubbard Museum or ever go inside. Truth of what happened much kookier as usual with the cult. My lawyer told him that in error.

Expect some great video of Anti Shirtless Lady lieing like crazy to the cops and boo hooing with full water works. But with me she was an aggressive, wicked witch. We argued like an old married couple. I enturbulated her Thetan and found her ruin. She called the police and made what I consider the following false charges against me.

he followed her home from work while taunting and confronting her on several occasions - threats implied
"[He] followed [her] home from work while taunting her and confronting her on several occasions.  [She] previously had a restraining order. [He] also found personal info about her and confronted her about it. Threats implied."

The above poorly written message delivered on a goldenrod colored form was shoved into my holding cell on Guy Fawkes Day 2013. It literally took an hour to read the cop's handwriting on this potentially life altering document. This mostly illegible form could have gotten a guilty person locked up! Fortunately I was in solitary confinement for three days at the time and I had nothing else to read but two forms. Nothing concentrates ones mind like the gallows so I became a handwriting analysis expert.

I believe this Protective Order to be based on lies.  A church in America got a random citizen placed in solitary for three days based on lies plus a previous history of litigation spawned by vexatious litigation.

I don't own a car. She doesn't own a car. She goes home, I assume, on a big white bus with all the other Sea Org workers.  How would I follow her home? Why didn't she report it then? I was already a person of interest in her life and was banned from seeing her for three years.

Where are the cell phone photos of the alleged stalking? Where are the security camera photos taken outside her cult owned residence? The form's instructions say "give facts and dates." What dates? What factual threats were implied?

Why did she suddenly remember all this the minute I showed up and not before?

What was my motivation? Yes she had a previous restraining order against me years ago but that was also a result of vexatious litigation. 

I'm a Gay Man and my accuser is a straight woman who is just another sad story in a cult. Just another sad character on this corner of Hollywood Boulevard, Avenue of the Stars.  (Take THAT Century City.) A sad slave just like guards Frank Paolo, Alexi, Andy Knapp, Lewis Miranda. I've met them all. Those guys are trapped protecting a shrinking bubble world and becoming liable later for things they did the past few years on camera and off. Just like security worker Steven Meyer or lawyer Kendrick Moxon. They are all sad stories and there is nothing special to me about her compared to them.  She just sits at the front desk of the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition so we interact when I pass by.  Few other Scientologists in Hollywood are so consistently on public view.

bed bug
I made a friend in the holding cell where they put you to cool your jets for a few hours. After I called my lawyer on the phone in the cell a bedbug fell out of the holes in the perforated ceiling and landed on me.  I smushed it.  They are thick and rubbery and very hard to squish.  It exploded with blood and God knows what was in that! Fortunately there was only one.
windows xp professional logo red buggy
Windows XP stopped being supported by Microsoft in April 2014 because it is very very obsolete.  This means that both the LAPD in Hollywood and the downtown jail are running an insecure operating system that no longer gets anti-virus fixes.  Why? They have no money to buy new computers and their system is complex. So I assume they also don't have enough money to pay for Microsoft's now super-expensive elite Windows XP update service either.


(Praying didn't work)

Photo Credit: Irfan Khan / LA Times
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