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NEWS: HBO documentary "Going Clear" to screen at Arclight Hollywood March 13 (LRH's birthday!)

franc paolo scientology guardScientology Security Guard Franc Paolo subdues a person of interest near Hollywood and Vine streets. Footage recorded by Hakeem Alexander who did a wonderful job and is actually better looking and stronger than the Angry Gay Pope, and I'm 6'2" 210 lbs. Too strong looking for the guards to threaten him for recording the incident. It helps when being a modern videographer to be larger than your often aggressive subjects.

Regardless of the attractiveness of the reporter, his images are disturbing. Was she at the Hollywood Guarantee Building and had an altercation? It would have to be a bad one for the security guards to follow her for two blocks. Unless she is a former Scilon and had a run in with them by design or accident. But she is Black, and Black Scientologists are as common as eyebrows on an egg. Nevertheless they have, in the last few years, done a major outreach to non-Whites. Has that outreach being successful enough for Black people to being going crazy from Scientology now just like decades of White people have in the past? I am not questioning her sanity, even though Hollywood Boulevard is covered with loonies. But it does not help her defense that she looks a bit shabby and claims to be pregnant. Even though she does not look pregnant at all.

Oh what are they going to do with Franc Paolo now that this video has come out? He had already disappeared before in 2013-14. And his co-worker Guard Andy Knapp was reportedly RPF'd also recently. This won't be good for Franc's "career" I think, even though he was doing exactly what he was told to do and LRH insisted he do. But he looks bad on camera and very aggressive.

Also: Why does the rent-a-cop have red marks on his neck? Did she wail on him while his head was turned left? As usual with these stories, the truth remains to be seen. But the sight of Franc and the female Scilon "victim" laughing together late in the incident will not help them in court if it gets to that. Which is why we all keep watching don't we! Yes we do! Rest assured the Angry Gay Pope is digesting the full 30 minute event for your YouTube examination very soon.

hakeem alexander eyewitness bodybuilderVIDEOGRAPHER HAKEEM ALEXANDER COMMENTS:  I actually arrived just in time to see her running down Hollywood Blvd. on the south side of the street heading east towards Vine and then turning south on Vine towards Sunset. I was on the north side and crossed over and she ran right in front of me. Seconds later, the security officer identified as Franc Paolo was running after her. But she ran down an alley which was a big mistake because it is behind the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project which is run by Scientology. Shortly after that, the 2nd security officer was seen pushing and grabbing the woman, and she ran into traffic towards Wells Fargo bank. At 1st I went into Trader Joe's to get some food when she went into the bank thinking they would let her be. But when I came out 5 minutes later, they had her up against the wall, I was concerned for the woman and how she was being handled; and though I would have liked to physically intervene, I decided it was time to document it and confirm that LAPD was in fact on the way instead.

RAW FOOTAGE:  http://youtu.be/tNOmPBnPfHo
franc paolo arrests womanfranc paolo and rent-a-cop arrest womanfranc paolo and victim laugh about incident

The E-Meter is Ticking
going clear sundance film fest brochure
happy smurf rainbow wig headshotFurious over "Going Clear" the upcoming HBO Documentary on them, the Church of Sci spared no expense making this video trashing my researcher and fellow Anon Happy Smurf/Garry Scarff and fourteen others. Others who prefer to remain nameless.  Because I know them.  Only Smurf wanted me to post his video here.

What really happened with Smurf is that he was a former Mormon.   A Scientologist working in OSA for years. They told him to lie and do illegal things. Now that he has left and become an apostate they swap positions and criticize him for that.  Because he did the evil things he was told to do. Therefore HE is evil. Not the Church that made him do it. They also forget little things like he was told to kill Cynthia Kisser, the leader of the Cult Awareness Network that the Church destroyed. And so he fled for his own life. And, when he told the FBI of his VIP problems, they shrugged it off. 

Garry is my go-to guy to ID people I see in my videos or we see in person. He also is my secret conduit to message with OSA back and forth behind the scenes for things.

Will I defend Smurf against these hilarious allegations? Of course not! The Angry Gay Pope always attacks, rarely defends. These videos are all a hodgepodge of nonsense and silly semi-facts. These "fair game" videos issued they have resorted to putting the victim in a sympathetic position. Can you imagine, the victim in a sympathetic position in America??

Nevertheless the Church's careful recording of such events is a very worthwhile endeavor.  If only other member of Anonymous had been so careful in keeping a record of their protest library of videos, sounds and documents. The Church is doing a wonderful job of recording the goings of of its menbers and it's protesters. And reproducing them for posterity.

tony ortega going clear premiere sundanceFor the Church of Sci's full response go here:www.freedommag.org/hbo/  Each clip is similar: three minutes of the exact same opening and a few minutes of slander/libel.  Preferably ending with a potshot at an HBO executive  plus the same three minute ending. Wait, the same three minute  beginning?  What strange storytelling. 

They know how to tell stories. They know that using the same opening over and over fools people into thinking that they have seen this video before. And the web viewer clicks off and moves on.  Is it possible that the Church of Sci doesn't want it's own believers to visit the Freedom magazine website reaction article and view the attack videos? If they did, then long time Scientologists might see that their former friends had been exorcised. Attacked. Sent to the Soylent Green factory public relations-wise.

Nobody covers these events like Tony Ortega shown at right.  Check out his blog for the full story.  He was at the premiere in Sundance with the people involved in the docu. The event was very well attended.  Also lots of celebs, etc. More on these morons soon.

NY TIMES:  Hiding behind the story instead of leading it once again oh grey lady.  NEW YORK TIMES COVERAGE

Below are some MORE great fair game videos, even better than Smurf's!

Oh the lovely lies! Watch as actor Jason Beghe is visciously, and hilariously, smeared in this video created by the Church of Scientology. Furious that Beghe, dumb enough to be a Scientologist in the first place, took part in an HBO documentary by Alex Gibney, the Church pulled out all the stops making this "fair game" video on Beghe and thirteen others. If Jason were such a horrible person he would no longer be working in Hollywood. Which he still is. So how could he be that horrible? And, if he was so bad, why did the Church put up with him for years?

I, and my works, appear in the videos around the edges. Hey when do I get MY smear video? I'll write it myself. Stalker, cyber-terrorist and member of Anonymous, restraining orders, had to give up his guns ... WHAT guns?

Are these charges against Beghe true? Of course not. Here's how it works.

1. Send PI's, process servers and others around to upset Jason
2. Get him on camera freaking out
3. Charge him with something and use the video as evidence
4. The charges end up failing, but he was still trashed and put through expensive legal hoops

And if Beghe gets into any trouble on his own exploit it maximus. Distract from the true crimes of the Church of Scientology.

Why? Because the real violent bully is Church Leader David Miscavige, not Jason Beghe. While outsiders may find the video puzzling or hilarious, it was not made for them. It was not even made for Cult Insiders. It was made to please great leader David Miscavige. He is the sole audience that matters.

The best parts are when they show Beghe beating people and sticking guns in their mouths. The narrator doesn't even mention that he is on a TV show at the time! Then they criticize him for being a phony because he can cry on cue ... while he is on the job acting!

I don't even think the Church wants its own members to see this video of their former friend being trashed. "What If they do that to me when I leave?" they may think. The Church put a redundant 3 minute opening on each trash video, perhaps hoping people would not watch it because they thought they had seen it before. I've removed the offending opening and closing to give you just the part about Jason.

In fact, they probably edited the videos that way to keep them unwatched. So I did their bidding and removed the generic beginning of Jason's video, and the generic ending with it's "copyright warning," and placed it on my own Youtube page editorially. I'm sure the Church wanted me, and others, to do this. Their website at http://www.freedommagazine.com deliberately obfuscates this video. I don't like that. The Church's "fair gaming" behavior should be held up to the harsh light of day.

Am I just spreading Scientology's filth and repeating lies until they achieve truthy-ness?

Anonymous would like to thank the Church of Scientology for the opportunity to disseminate their vile propaganda. Vile propaganda aimed against themselves, not me!

SEE bitter, defrocked apostate MARTY RATHBUN and the CULT he left behind bonk each other over the head using Internet footage! HEAR the CRUNCH as car doors are slammed on human flesh. FEEL like this video should have ended by now, but it just keeps going!

ASK! Which Scientologists suffer more, the ones on the outside like Marty Rathbun being stalked, or the ones on the inside producing this bullshit video?

ANSWER: Both. Hooray!

Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself. - Napoleon Bonaparte

Don't forget to visit Freedom Magazine for the whole story!

FREEDOM MAGAZINE: http://www.freedommag.org/hbo/

MARTY RATHBUN BLOG: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/

NEWS: Cult produces "Living Legends of Aviation" show for John Travolta

Psychiatrist-hating crazy celebs party like mad men in Hollywood 2014
Scientology's anti-Psychiatry group Concerned Citizen's for Human Rights (CCHR) holds is annual 2014 celebrity shrink-hating bash. The typical Hollywood glamour event about nothing is glued to the "PSYCHIATRY KILLS" cult with results so stunning that they did not even need to use any audio from the event. Especially the music.   If the band was so great why didn't they include any of their music? Or the speeches?  Especially by Jan Eastgate, seen briefly onstage at :27.  She was trapped in Australia for some time on charges of covering up child rape.

The music they used in this video set off a "matched third party content" copyright warning on my account and so you may see ads play at the bottom of this recording.  I guess the music the band played at the event wasn't upbeat enough.

See plus sized celeb Kirstie Alley trash the mental health establishment, an actress who owns a cage of lemurs and makes TV programs about how fat she is. Plus they trot out lots of washed up, slinky dressed nobodies like: Erika Christensen, Danny Masterson, Jason Dohring, Jenna Elfman, Marisol Nichols and Allison Folmar. Plus Col. Bart Billings, Pat Mena, Fran Andrews, Bruce Wisemen, Navy Seal Mikal Vega, and Marla Filidei (whoever that is).   It sure looks like fun to give all your money to an anti-psychiatrist group that is going to use the money for everything EXCEPT fighting psychiatrists. They certainly don't need to use any more money to run their empty museum on Sunset Boulevard.


hubbard winter wonderland santa nancy cartwright
Not seen since 2011, L. Ron Hubbard's Winter Wonderland is now absent without official leave. The Angry Gay Pope takes us through several years on the life track to see the last iterations of this popular Christmas thingamagjig. Constructed by slaves it was designed to indoctrinate children into Scientology. It failed. It was also a prime target for protesters. With much time and expense spent on it's operation no wonder the Church has decided to just forget about it.

NEWS: Infamous Gold Base fence partially destroyed by flooding in Hemet, CA
NEWS: Hollywood Inn/Christie Hotel in pre-foreclosure due to unpaid contractor bills

angry gay pope at hollywood guarantee buildingMy fifth restraining order from the Church of Scientology has expired.  Despite the rage with which they arrested me in Nov. 2013 on charges of felony stalking with $150,000 bail the endgame was quiet.  My lawyer Graham Berry and I went to the downtown LA justice center and, within two minutes before the judge, all had been forgiven.  Now I am free to protest at the Hollywood Guarantee Building (left) again.  So of course I'm going to!

Of course the government could have been spared the trouble if they had not let the Church pressure them into "citizen's arresting" me without evidence in the first place.

joan rivers young headshot black and white
Like the Church of Scientology Joan Rivers was often her own worst enemy.  She infuriated Johnny Carson, the most powerful comedian in America at the time. She had way too much plastic surgery.  Her reputation in Hollywood was one of a joke stealer.  To sell her tchotchkes she went on the Home Shopping Network.  Eeek! Artistic death.

Nevertheless she was right on the money regarding the cult and Tom Cruise, being one of the few people in show business willing to make fun of him without fear.

"I hate Tom Cruise... In TV interviews Tom laughs inappropriately and much too vociferously at non-humorous declarative statements, which is ironic because in real life he can’t take a f****ing joke at all. All you have to do is make one simple, little, harmless, innocuous aside like, 'The Scientology spaceship was late today; it had to stop by Fire Island to pick up Tom Cruise,' and he has a pack of lawyers at your door faster than Katie Holmes can say, 'No, really, he loves me in that way, I swear.' "

Tom laughs like that because he is trained to laugh that way. They actually train them to do that as part of putting on a false front. No wonder the uninhibited Rivers found that disturbing.  Plus the lawyers ...

NEWS: Spokesman Tommy Davis and his wife left Texas, back in LA, have baby in Santa Monica
NEWS: PAC Base a polling station in mid-term elections sez Hollywood Reporter

Staff at the LA Ideal org has been fired and replaced with all Sea Org workers working one long shift

The Gay Pope is back at the Scientology Hollywood Halloween homeworld! See cult clergy flee in terror at the sight of poor statistics. Watch as the cult that time forgot massively contracts before your eyes! Beware the zombies that smile vapidly and say "I don't know what you are talking about!" Don't take their stress test! Hollywood horror at its brain dead best.


(Praying didn't work)

Photo Credit: Irfan Khan / LA Times
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