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HILARIOUS TABLOID GOSSIP: Frozen sperm of LRH used to impregnate Katie Holmes


tall handsome scientologistHis horniness the Angry Gay Pope sets up the Sci Hollywood Info Center on Hwd Blvd, a newly opened dissemination terminal of the Church of Scientology.

For the Church's description of this building CLICK HERE.

For years the building was closed due to screwed up permits and housing violations.  It's renovation happened in 2014 and they could have opened it then easily, but they did not.  Instead the Church re-opened and staffed it in 2015 with gorgeous young people including this spectacular 6'5" male specimen with gigantic hands he constantly waved an inch from my camera lens. This made his fists even more massive!   Hubba hubba! Oh praise Xenu I love tall young Nordic guys.  They are like me on human growth hormone!  I'm only 6'3".

Who are theses sexy young Scis? Are they new recruits to this rapidly growing religion? No. The religion has already died. It is only a real estate holding company. It only cares about the building. But the IRS demands that it constantly promote itself in order to maintain it's tax free status.

Without new members the Church has been forced to digest the kids of it's most loyal followers. Sci's are told "Give us your child for our slave army or we will excommunicate you." So people surrender their kids as young as seven years old. This has been documented in Jenna Miscavige's fine book "Beyond Belief."  The work hours alone are an absurd thing to do to a child.

Really good looking kids of members, like the giant guy, are the most desirable. Or if your child is a creative artist or musician. Hollywood eats its young anyway, so the Church isn't doing anything the neighborhood would find shocking.  Hollywood Family Values.

These kids try to get people to take an IQ test no longer even offered on the premises. A pointless task for a religion already dead. They are brochure wielding Stepford wives there to make the location look busy and satisfy the IRS that the cult is earning it's tax free status by public dissemination. But Hollywood has been on to them for decades and they can't get recruits so their stats are terrible. They are told "stats everywhere else in the world are great why aren't yours?"

All of them seemed bored like I was in Sunday school or Mormons I've talked to who went on missionary messes equally pointless.  These young people didn't "discover" scientology for themselves or "earn" it, they were born into it. And their reaction shows why most new religions peter out after a few generations.  They don't want to do this!

Yes Will the tall guy has a shitty watch. Get over it Youtube commentators. Tee hee!  They all do. Few cell phones allowed either. They make less than $50/week and sleep in barracks with 20 other people that smell like dirty socks. His "mission" will never end, unlike the Mormon ones. You eventually come home from a Mormon missionary position and go back to Salt Lake City. Eventually he will have to decide between dying or "blowing" (escape). Routing out of the Sea Org (leaving the priesthood) is tough.

handsome scientology security guard hollywood info centerMy goal with these videos is to get them in trouble so they are punished severely, hurrying their rush to the bottom and the life/death decision. Both Will the tall guy, super sexy Denise and the handsome security guard (right) are already suffering some kind of punishment for appearing in my video.

This is funny since none of it is their fault. Except in Scientology. This religion believes that it is THEIR fault for being in the area when I was there. They should have used LRH Tech (TM) and gone back in time to prevent me from arriving. Guilt combined with science fiction time travel are powerful tools for the weak minded.


Or the person born into it who knows nothing else.


If you would like to take the IQ/Personality Test simply click here. But be prepared to give up your email address and phone number. Eventually you will be buried in paper junk mail which will follow you forever.  If you are buried in the ground it will pile up on your grave. A good reason for cremation.  Just like great Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard did!  Or you can click the blue graphic below and examine the test SAFELY at home.

oxford capacity analysis handout

NEWS: Mike Rinder tours the incompetence of Gold Base construction

scientology easter logo

joan long scientologist
The Gay Pope invades Scientology's Hollywood Easter "celebration" in his longest video yet!  Why ruin Easter? Because I already ruined Halloween and multiple Christmases. I am running out of annual religious events to invade. The Church does not believe in Easter or foreign religious holidays but it uses them as fundraising excuses.

Much hilarity ensues as two OSA Handlers, one camera toting security guard and a couple bike guards try to handle me. Body routers are mocked and the fate of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course is discussed.  That is the course the Church uses to train new talk therapists.  I mean used to train. That courst is no longer offered. The Church is no longer creating talk therapists, a foundation of their society.  And that link I just posted takes you to entire course library for free.

Also discussed is the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF). This is the Church slave gulag where believers are punished with a living hell of manual labor, sleep deprivation, rice and, if you are good ... beans.

Constant references are made to my arrest years ago outside the Delphi Academy Santa Monica, after which I was banned from being near their schools for a year. Special compensation was made for the school on this street (LRH Way). I could get closer to this school because otherwise it would have impeded my protest rights at this major location. I no longer have any restrictions on where or how I can protest. Except I should not scream. But I screamed anyway. After all, it is Easter. I'm sure they didn't like it, but I'm also sure they didn't get a legitimate complaint in to the police between the time the video was shot and the two weeks later when I posted it here.  "Don't scare the ponies." Yeah right!

Starring bike guard Odo Huber and OSAbots Joan and Ken Long (not married anymore BTW). Featuring various children, body routers and bike based security.  Joan Long has been in Scientology's secret police, called OSA, for so long that she was actually part of the Guardian's Office, the precursor to OSA. The Guardian's Office was responsible for Operation Snow White.  Even if they are not creating new therapists, even if all is collapsing ... Joan has nowhere else to go. So of course she will lie for the group. Or do anything they say. She has no choice. In fact, she may no longer even remember what "choice" is.

She was fairly hard to ID. My fact checker, Happy Smurf, had to go all the way to South Africa to de-anonimize her.  Oops, I mean "out her."

angry gay pope preaches to scientology children

los angeles city council scientololgy proclamation

NEWS: "Going Clear" movie advisers Tom DeVocht and Garry Scarrf have their cars vandalized in LA

Short vid could unbrainwash Scilons at fifty paces even with sound off
APRIL 4, 2015 NYC - "Going Clear" the Scientology docu opened at Lincoln Center on March 13th and somebody from the show clearly saw it. They were inspired by the "We Stand Tall" sequence of the movie that overlayed updates on the horrible fates of cultists seen in a 1980's Scientology music video. (See below). The show's staff swung into action and, on April 4, this parody landed on the Scientology community like an unexpected UFO.  The consensus is that SNL produced the artist equivalent of an animated short by the Simpsons, Pixar or South Park in just weeks. Few other TV shows have the production power of the New York stage and SNL used it. Producer Lorne Michaels decided to go all out and spend the bux on this labor of love. Or laughs.

First the writers, inspired by the staff that saw "Going Clear", decided to parody "We Stand Tall." They lifted the style, melody, theme and look of the Church. Saved boffo time. Who puts on a better show than the Sci's any way? No need for "look development" meetings designers and crew, just watch this 20 year old video. Then the writers put together lyrics to go with the original melody. Words about "Xenu" and "giant clams" were no doubt satirically replaced in the end with "Meepthorp" and "starfish."  The SNL staff band probably recorded the music and two female cast members with good voices laid down the main lyrics. A chorus was used to fill out the entire song.

This was all edited into a slick soundtrack with which the talent could rehearse.  A roughed out storyboard was probably made to get certain shots lined up and prepared ahead of time. Thank goodness the cult provided the look development because the prop department had only a few weeks to come up with the fake posters, books, logos, e-meters, etc. needed to fill out this early 1990's world. They included a number of background gags just like animation gag writers do. That makes a short subject "evergreen," meaning you can watch it over and over again and, as years pass, new audiences find it just as engrossing. For instance, one of the books they read is apparently titled "Ignoring the Brain." 

I'm always amazed what SNL does with wigs and costumes on live TV. Even if the skit isn't very funny I love the WIGS!  Then that poor actor probably runs offstage after the skit and they yank that hair off of him and the sticky spirit gum holding it on makes him say "OWWW." Then he rushes to the next sketch during commercial and dons a new wig.  This Neurotology bit is no exception, from the black roots of the lead female's hair to the weird sweaters. "Cosby Show" weird. David Miscavige and Bill Cosby from the 1980's were obvious inspirations. LRH's double breasted suit is spot on and his ascot is a given.

Meanwhile simple sets were built/dressed and locations scouted for the "church interiors". They even matched the striated background in the group chorus shots from the original video.  The entire cast and crew probably took part as extras in the wide scenes, minus Bobby Moynihan who plays LRH as he was already dead by then.   Much giggling ensued no doubt, as they probably had a tough time keeping a straight face singing wide eyed songs about starfish and Meepthorp.  Plus, they could just lip synch and not memorize lines. Other than pre-recorded lyrics nobody had lines to learn. It was all pantomime. This takes a lot of pressure off of the talent because SNL is a grueling show to work on. So many skits, so many lines. You get off work at 1 AM on Sunday morning and your boss has been likened to Dr. Evil from the "Austin Powers" movies.  Don't make them do more work than they have to on this side bit sketch.  And so, effort on this bit was spread more evenly across all  departments.

Then the editors took over and, using "We Stand Tall" as a template, they crafted an almost subliminal bit of nonsense every bit as funny and rewatchable as the best of "The Simpsons."  The stock footage, the match cuts to the source, the VHS tape post processing and the 4:3 black and white LRH sections are icing on the cake.

At ninety minutes SNL is a long show and has been on for a long time. NBC's ratings are so awful that it is sometimes the number one rated program on the network. Yet is forty years old and goes off the air at 1 AM Sunday mornings. Sigh. They have been criticized for taking one joke and stretching it out over an entire skit. Or an entire movie. Nevertheless, as this short subject proves, if they really want to stretch out a joke properly nobody can do this in live action like Lorne Michaels does.  The melody, the lyrics, the visuals, the period, the Greek chorus of on-screen footnotes, the side jokes. You can't experience it all at once. When audiences see projects like this for the first time they might not laugh as much as you think they would. Because they are too busy taking it in.  I could not even hear the hilarious lyrics about the starfish until the third viewing because I was too "distracted."

I will be quoting the lyrics to this one for many years. Mostly to cultists.  As you will see with my next video, "Angry Gay Pope Ruins Easter."  It is more than half an hour long.  That is TEN TIMES the length of the SNL parody. And just as funny in my own way. Oh, and it will be all too REAL. No joke. Except on them.
The Video SNL is parodying

Many people in this video have mysteriously disappeared and are believed incarcerated or dead.

"We Stand Tall" is an internal Scientology music video from 1990. The video's morale boosting song is reminiscent of the eighties charity single "We are the World," and the Scientology leadership, including long time leader David Miscavige, is seen singing the chorus in unison.

Miscavige is very short. Many have commented on the irony of David Miscavige being so short and yet commisioning a song about being tall.  The video also includes footage of the Religious Freedom Crusade, a 1985 pro-Scientology protest spurred by a 39 million dollar fraud verdict against the organization. Other Scientologists seen in the video include Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun, who have fled, and Shelley Miscavige, who may be dead.

Low ticket sales spur questions on motives of money grubbing studio - unprofitable motives?

Angry Gay Pope stops by the L. Ron Hubbard life exhibit on his way to see GOING CLEAR the excellent HBO cult doc at the Cinerama Dome. Doors are locked and workers are told to hide under their desks. I am serious. This ground-breaking premiere is rubbed in people's faces and a visit is made to the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (HELP). The Gay Pope later returns to enturbulate them further, with comedic results! Careful viewers can see the bobbing head of the female Scilon hiding under her desk as she crawls away from him.

This video contains copyrighted music and cannot be watched in Germany. There is also an ad visible during playback. This ad is meant to compensate those singers, musicians and writers whose music I have usurped. But the bux will probably just go to the music execs, google middle men and assorted shysters.
cinerama dome going clearWho would put a GOING CLEAR style talking head documentary in such an absurd, overbuilt venue as the Cinerama Dome?  And the movie is going to air on HBO pay TV when?  A COUPLE OF WEEKS???? Talk about a "limited window."  Public theaters like the Dome HATE limited windows. They are an existential threat. Plus little print or TV ad support? WHAT? Try to fill seats for this one!  The Cinerama Dome usually hosts the kind of big budget special FX spectaculars with huge marketing budgets that I used to work on before my job was outsourced.  Thankfully the studio execs at the features unit didn't convert it to 3D and make me rent expensive glasses.  Would you really like to see L. Ron Hubbard's teeth in 3D, especially after the 1970's??  Eww, the jaggies.

What studio/global parent company leviathan pulled this bit of booking and marketing nonsense?  Why Warner Brothers, of course.  They have a long history of booking the Cinerama dome for films that don't fill the seats. Like CHAPPIE, the Sony produced sci fi robot flick that bombed at the Dome previously. GOING CLEAR replaced it. Wow, Scientology trumps and bumps science fiction.

angry gay pope artwork wb pluto nashI know the studio's pain over failed product because I've worked on some of Warner Brothers biggest bombs. Sci fiers Pluto Nash with Eddie Murphy (still shown at right). Everthing went wrong technically for me on that one but I did my best work. Or Red Planet starring Val Kilmer. That prick. I think Red Planet even played the Dome. Hideous project to work on. Logarithmic to linear color conversion?  What?  Do I look like a mathematician? I spent a lot of time crafting art, but nobody would remember my work. The movies bombed. It was just like I was working on a BS Scientology construction project or presentation that would never really matter to audiences. But I still got paid. The Sci slaves didn't. Oh well.

Speaking of payouts. Sounds like somebody paid extra to bump CHAPPIE out  and book the Dome right now while the timing is perfect.  Home Box Office paid for the doc but it premiered at the Sundance Film Fest (aka a public showing).  Opening in LA before December makes it eligible for an Academy award in 2016. If it were to be shown first on HBO it would look just as good technically despite the massive size difference between the dome and a home flatscreen TV.  But it would only be eligible for an Emmy.  They are very common. Even I have a paper Emmy Award certificate. I burned it for heat one cold night during the great recession.

Watching the online ticket sales for the roughly three weeks between LRH's birthday March 13 and the HBO premiere March 29 showed lackluster sales except on weekend evenings.  It also was shown at Lincoln Center in NYC and the Presidio in San Francisco.  Why would WB make such a grandiose booking gesture like this?  Well, why does the the Church of Scientology also make grand booking gestures such as the Shrine Auditorium in Downtown LA? Like WB struggling to fill GOING CLEAR at the Dome, the Cult also struggles to fill the Shrine.  The Church does that to send a message about how important they are not to make money.

hollywood guarantee buildingAnd WB has done the same thing in a kind of mirror image behavior. You see, just two blocks north is the Hollywood Guarantee Building, the Scientology Pentagon and it's global official address.  Cult officials can look down their noses about fifteen stories and see, far below, the Cinerama Dome.

The booking of this bubble world venue is meant to send a message that is CLEAR. WB and Arclight Theaters are not afraid of you and we will no longer be intimidated and we two capitalists are willing to lose money on this symbolic gesture to make a point.

Time Magazine is part of the WB empire, and Time Magazine has not forgotten how horribly they were sued in the Clinton era for a story they did called "Scientology the cult of greed."

v for vendetta posterWarner Brothers, the people who distributed massive stinker BATTLEFIELD EARTH, possibly the worst movie ever released by a US major, also gets payback.  Plus Warner Brothers is the same studio that released the Angry Gay Pope's bible, V FOR VENDETTA.  I am not surprised.  They should release those two movies in a Blu-Ray double pack. The horrible color correction of Battlefield Earth should be recorded for long term posterity in maximum chroma fidelity.  Warner's is also the same studio that has had a rep, since the 1930's, for telling hard boiled, gritty, realistic stories that competitors like Disney would never touch. I think the Warner boys would be quite proud of the work of HBO doc producer Sheila Nevins who, according to a Church smear video, "loves whores."

warner brothers movie logo black whiteI've worked on WB movies good and bad. AOL is the Angry Gay Pope's email handler and has been since 1990s. This studio is partially responsible for supporting my fight against the Church of Scientology.  And so we get to the video I shot shown above that opens this story. The video of my enturbulation on March 13, 2015. L. Ron Hubbard's birthday wearing a Warner Brothers product. A Guy Fawkes mask. Glad to pay the massive markup of about $10 for a piece of plastic that costs almost nothing to manufacture or ship.

It is not a co-incidence that WB decided to open this movie on LRH's birthday Friday the 13th which is also a bad luck omen date in America.  They wanted to send a message. And that message is CLEAR. GOING CLEAR AT THE CINERAMA DOME. FREEDOM FOREVER!

Watch in 2015 and see if the Arclight Theater Company's computer systems are hacked to prevent online ticket sales. If this does not happen, then the Church is shown to be especially weak.
warner brothers smile from hell

NEWS: HBO documentary "Going Clear" to screen at Arclight Hollywood March 13 (LRH's birthday!)

franc paolo scientology guardScientology Security Guard Franc Paolo subdues a person of interest near Hollywood and Vine streets. Footage recorded by Hakeem Alexander who did a wonderful job and is actually better looking and stronger than the Angry Gay Pope, and I'm 6'2" 210 lbs. Too strong looking for the guards to threaten him for recording the incident. It helps when being a modern videographer to be larger than your often aggressive subjects.

Regardless of the attractiveness of the reporter, his images are disturbing. Was she at the Hollywood Guarantee Building and had an altercation? It would have to be a bad one for the security guards to follow her for two blocks. Unless she is a former Scilon and had a run in with them by design or accident. But she is Black, and Black Scientologists are as common as eyebrows on an egg. Nevertheless they have, in the last few years, done a major outreach to non-Whites. Has that outreach being successful enough for Black people to being going crazy from Scientology now just like decades of White people have in the past? I am not questioning her sanity, even though Hollywood Boulevard is covered with loonies. But it does not help her defense that she looks a bit shabby and claims to be pregnant. Even though she does not look pregnant at all.

Oh what are they going to do with Franc Paolo now that this video has come out? He had already disappeared before in 2013-14. And his co-worker Guard Andy Knapp was reportedly RPF'd also recently. This won't be good for Franc's "career" I think, even though he was doing exactly what he was told to do and LRH insisted he do. But he looks bad on camera and very aggressive.

Also: Why does the rent-a-cop have red marks on his neck? Did she wail on him while his head was turned left? As usual with these stories, the truth remains to be seen. But the sight of Franc and the female Scilon "victim" laughing together late in the incident will not help them in court if it gets to that. Which is why we all keep watching don't we! Yes we do! Rest assured the Angry Gay Pope is digesting the full 30 minute event for your YouTube examination very soon.

hakeem alexander eyewitness bodybuilderVIDEOGRAPHER HAKEEM ALEXANDER COMMENTS:  I actually arrived just in time to see her running down Hollywood Blvd. on the south side of the street heading east towards Vine and then turning south on Vine towards Sunset. I was on the north side and crossed over and she ran right in front of me. Seconds later, the security officer identified as Franc Paolo was running after her. But she ran down an alley which was a big mistake because it is behind the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project which is run by Scientology. Shortly after that, the 2nd security officer was seen pushing and grabbing the woman, and she ran into traffic towards Wells Fargo bank. At 1st I went into Trader Joe's to get some food when she went into the bank thinking they would let her be. But when I came out 5 minutes later, they had her up against the wall, I was concerned for the woman and how she was being handled; and though I would have liked to physically intervene, I decided it was time to document it and confirm that LAPD was in fact on the way instead.

RAW FOOTAGE:  http://youtu.be/tNOmPBnPfHo
franc paolo arrests womanfranc paolo and rent-a-cop arrest womanfranc paolo and victim laugh about incident

The E-Meter is Ticking
going clear sundance film fest brochure
happy smurf rainbow wig headshotFurious over "Going Clear" the upcoming HBO Documentary on them, the Church of Sci spared no expense making this video trashing my researcher and fellow Anon Happy Smurf/Garry Scarff and fourteen others. Others who prefer to remain nameless.  Because I know them.  Only Smurf wanted me to post his video here.

What really happened with Smurf is that he was a former Mormon.   A Scientologist working in OSA for years. They told him to lie and do illegal things. Now that he has left and become an apostate they swap positions and criticize him for that.  Because he did the evil things he was told to do. Therefore HE is evil. Not the Church that made him do it. They also forget little things like he was told to kill Cynthia Kisser, the leader of the Cult Awareness Network that the Church destroyed. And so he fled for his own life. And, when he told the FBI of his VIP problems, they shrugged it off. 

Garry is my go-to guy to ID people I see in my videos or we see in person. He also is my secret conduit to message with OSA back and forth behind the scenes for things.

Will I defend Smurf against these hilarious allegations? Of course not! The Angry Gay Pope always attacks, rarely defends. These videos are all a hodgepodge of nonsense and silly semi-facts. These "fair game" videos issued they have resorted to putting the victim in a sympathetic position. Can you imagine, the victim in a sympathetic position in America??

Nevertheless the Church's careful recording of such events is a very worthwhile endeavor.  If only other member of Anonymous had been so careful in keeping a record of their protest library of videos, sounds and documents. The Church is doing a wonderful job of recording the goings of of its menbers and it's protesters. And reproducing them for posterity.

tony ortega going clear premiere sundanceFor the Church of Sci's full response go here:www.freedommag.org/hbo/  Each clip is similar: three minutes of the exact same opening and a few minutes of slander/libel.  Preferably ending with a potshot at an HBO executive  plus the same three minute ending. Wait, the same three minute  beginning?  What strange storytelling. 

They know how to tell stories. They know that using the same opening over and over fools people into thinking that they have seen this video before. And the web viewer clicks off and moves on.  Is it possible that the Church of Sci doesn't want it's own believers to visit the Freedom magazine website reaction article and view the attack videos? If they did, then long time Scientologists might see that their former friends had been exorcised. Attacked. Sent to the Soylent Green factory public relations-wise.

Nobody covers these events like Tony Ortega shown at right.  Check out his blog for the full story.  He was at the premiere in Sundance with the people involved in the docu. The event was very well attended.  Also lots of celebs, etc. More on these morons soon.

NY TIMES:  Hiding behind the story instead of leading it once again oh grey lady.  NEW YORK TIMES COVERAGE

Below are some MORE great fair game videos, even better than Smurf's!

Oh the lovely lies! Watch as actor Jason Beghe is visciously, and hilariously, smeared in this video created by the Church of Scientology. Furious that Beghe, dumb enough to be a Scientologist in the first place, took part in an HBO documentary by Alex Gibney, the Church pulled out all the stops making this "fair game" video on Beghe and thirteen others. If Jason were such a horrible person he would no longer be working in Hollywood. Which he still is. So how could he be that horrible? And, if he was so bad, why did the Church put up with him for years?

I, and my works, appear in the videos around the edges. Hey when do I get MY smear video? I'll write it myself. Stalker, cyber-terrorist and member of Anonymous, restraining orders, had to give up his guns ... WHAT guns?

Are these charges against Beghe true? Of course not. Here's how it works.

1. Send PI's, process servers and others around to upset Jason
2. Get him on camera freaking out
3. Charge him with something and use the video as evidence
4. The charges end up failing, but he was still trashed and put through expensive legal hoops

And if Beghe gets into any trouble on his own exploit it maximus. Distract from the true crimes of the Church of Scientology.

Why? Because the real violent bully is Church Leader David Miscavige, not Jason Beghe. While outsiders may find the video puzzling or hilarious, it was not made for them. It was not even made for Cult Insiders. It was made to please great leader David Miscavige. He is the sole audience that matters.

The best parts are when they show Beghe beating people and sticking guns in their mouths. The narrator doesn't even mention that he is on a TV show at the time! Then they criticize him for being a phony because he can cry on cue ... while he is on the job acting!

I don't even think the Church wants its own members to see this video of their former friend being trashed. "What If they do that to me when I leave?" they may think. The Church put a redundant 3 minute opening on each trash video, perhaps hoping people would not watch it because they thought they had seen it before. I've removed the offending opening and closing to give you just the part about Jason.

In fact, they probably edited the videos that way to keep them unwatched. So I did their bidding and removed the generic beginning of Jason's video, and the generic ending with it's "copyright warning," and placed it on my own Youtube page editorially. I'm sure the Church wanted me, and others, to do this. Their website at http://www.freedommagazine.com deliberately obfuscates this video. I don't like that. The Church's "fair gaming" behavior should be held up to the harsh light of day.

Am I just spreading Scientology's filth and repeating lies until they achieve truthy-ness?

Anonymous would like to thank the Church of Scientology for the opportunity to disseminate their vile propaganda. Vile propaganda aimed against themselves, not me!

SEE bitter, defrocked apostate MARTY RATHBUN and the CULT he left behind bonk each other over the head using Internet footage! HEAR the CRUNCH as car doors are slammed on human flesh. FEEL like this video should have ended by now, but it just keeps going!

ASK! Which Scientologists suffer more, the ones on the outside like Marty Rathbun being stalked, or the ones on the inside producing this bullshit video?

ANSWER: Both. Hooray!

Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself. - Napoleon Bonaparte

Don't forget to visit Freedom Magazine for the whole story!

FREEDOM MAGAZINE: http://www.freedommag.org/hbo/

MARTY RATHBUN BLOG: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/

NEWS: Cult produces "Living Legends of Aviation" show for John Travolta


(Praying didn't work)

Photo Credit: Irfan Khan / LA Times
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